At EMH, our child care is not merely a side practice from education; it is a policy we fully integrate throughout our service delivery to effectively meet the personal, social (well-being) and academic needs of our students.

We have designed a living space to adequately take care of our students academic, emotional and social needs.

The health and well-being of students are increasingly being attributed to school conditions, school relationships, means of fulfillment, and health status. We believe our delivery of a unique boarding and pastoral care experience can assist students to develop qualities such as positive self-esteem, target setting, resilience as well as to develop a sense of social interaction. These all contribute to improved overall health and well-being.

At EMH quality pastoral care focuses on the whole student (personal, social, and academic) and it engages all members of the school community as providers of pastoral care engaging our kids in:

  • Creating a sense of belonging 

  • Facilitating peer support programs between our students

  • Developing children skills and emotional intelligence

  • Tracking individual student progress

  • Enabling early intervention in identifying and dealing with specific needs

  • Celebrating achievements and contributions

  • Providing guidance regarding study patterns, peer relations, university pathways and career opportunities

  • Providing counselling and comfort for our students dealing with anxiety, loss or disappointment

  • The provision of good role models both at school and at home

Pastoral care is most effective when there is a strong partnership between home and school. At EMH we appreciate clear two-way communication between our parents and our school, reminders and reinforcement (at home and at school) of strategies to support progress, and early intervention in identifying and addressing problems that our growing children may face.