A smooth transition from elementary school is usually the thought in a parent’s mind when looking for a secondary school for their child. Curriculum, school values, culture, co-curricular activities and opportunities offered to students keep parents searching for a school that will meet all their children’s needs.

At EMH we’ve put all your thoughts into due consideration and have come up with a safe, vibrant and educationally challenging facility for your child.

Making sure students learn and are engaged in school is our focus.  We offer a variety of programs to help students reach their potential academically and socially taking care to address all student’s needs on an individual basis.

​We deliver a challenging, internationally-minded, Nigerian / British integrated curriculum that caters to the unique learning needs of our students. Our integrated curriculum improves the way our students learn and takes into consideration the fact that Nigeria’s rich culture and beliefs are important, but students will also require a different set of skills to thrive internationally.

We have carefully curated a series of extra-curricular learning programs we deem essential to the development of our children and their latent talents in soft skills that will be needed in career paths they may decide to pursue in the future. Hover on the images below to find out more!

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Plot 104/106 Asari Eso, Calabar, Cross River,


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1 Beatrice and Anthony Close, off Opobo Road, Aba, Abia State.


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