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At EMH we believe in the importance of having a healthy mind and body therefore we have created activities aimed at making sure the kids grow up physically and mentally strong.

We do some early morning physical activity everyday so our children can kick-start their day with an active body and proactive mind. At EMH Calabar, we currently have a volleyball and football field, coupled with a makeshift basketball court, so the children have a variety of sports to cultivate their latent skills. All this is being replicated in EMH Aba.

Every Friday we work with our children at getting better at a sport. On Saturday afternoon, the boarding students have an hour of total work-out where we try to inculcate the habit of physical fitness while training on track and field events. 

Aside from just physical fitness, we are well aware of the importance of keeping the mind at peace and filled with positive thinking. The teenage years of a child exposes them to a lot of thoughts, questions and challenges that are sure to affect their peace of mind and therefore their academics.


We are aware of the importance of eliminating doubt and reinforcing self-belief within our children and aside from our lifestyle workshops, we frequently have our tutors and student welfare adviser approach our children occasionally to discover their general well-being and challenges on a personal and academic level.

We have now introduced a mental health assessment template where we monitor the mood and behavioural changes in our kids from week to week. This helps us discover and quell any issues our children have but don't feel compelled to share at the time, so as to keep their mental health and academics in great condition.

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